Stellwagen organ

The large organ at St. Mary’s church in Stralsund
was built by Friederich Stellwagen between 1653
and 1659. Stellwagen who was born in Halle/Saale
moved to Hamburg around 1630 to work as a
journeyman of the Saxon court organ builder
Gottfried Fritzsche. In either 1633 or 1634
he settled in Lübeck where he expanded
the small organ at St. Jacobi’s church and
rebuilt both organs at St. Mary’s among others.

The newly built organ in the St. Mary’s church
in Stralsund was completed on October 1659,
only a few months before the death of the master.
With 51 sound stops that are distributed over
the great organ, Oberpositiv, Rückpositiv and
Pedal and placed in a housing that is more
than 20 metres tall, this organ marks the
peak of Stellwagen’s work.