Grüneberg organ

On the floor in the north aisle of St. Mary’s church,
there is a small organ from the Romantic period.
It is used both for accompaniment but also as a
solo instrument for music from the 19th and
20th century. The small organ was built in 1906
as the opus 531 in the famous workshop of Barnim
Grünewald in Stettin and it has five stops on two
manuals and a Pedal. The sound is remarkably
full in the large church.

Organ on the northern gallery

The small organ on the northern gallery was built
in 2007 by Johann Gottfried Schmidt in his
manufacture for historical keyboard instruments
in Rostock. For the four stops pipe work was used
that had originally been created by the organ
manufacturer A. Schuke in Potsdam between
1951-1959 as a replacement for organ pipes of
the Stellwagen organ that had been lost
during and after the war.


Drawing on a regal from around 1700 in
the St. Mary’s church in Gdansk, our regal was
crafted in 2007 by the organ manufacturer
G. Schumacher in Baelen/Belgium.